Timeshare Claims

MissoldTimeshare.co.uk has been formed with a wealth of 40 years’ experience of the timeshare/holiday ownership market place.

The aim of the company is to guide timeshare owners through the maze of confusion surrounding their ownership, whether it be fixed weeks, points, Fractional ownership, floating time, leasehold or perpetuity.

Many major holiday clubs would have us believe that it is impossible to exit from our contracts, when this is simply not true.

Albeit it must be done through a legal process, but an exit can be achieved.

Some holiday clubs will claim you can just give back your ownership at no cost, if you pay some years maintenance fees up front and sign a waiver that you will not make any further claim against them. WHY?

Finance packages are an integral part of most holiday ownership purchases, and in many cases mis-sold with no credit check or affordability survey.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Hidden commissions.
  • So called help with repayments.
  • Payments inside the cooling off period.
  • Can only cancel if you fly back to the place you signed the contract.

MissoldTimeshare.co.uk are very proud to be associated with major players in these target markets.

We have been vigilant in chasing many types of mis-selling, product and finance claims, resulting in large substantial claims for their clients.

We at MissoldTimeshare.co.uk are happy to see you at our offices or even visit you at your home to discuss the exit of your Timeshare and discuss any claim you may have.


What is a Mis-Sold Timeshare Claim?

Every year thousand’s of holidaymaker’s go abroad and get pressured into signing up for Timeshares, that they will probably never use or can’t afford. Are you one of the many people who have bought a timeshare whilst on holiday because you felt pressurised into doing so, only wishing you could have been stronger and said no? if so then you may have a Mis sold Timeshare claim. You need to ask yourself:

  • Did you still think that owning a timeshare was a good investment?
  • Did you think that buying a number of weeks year on year in a set location was a good idea?
  • Do you still use the weeks or do the weeks come and go unused?
  • Is your annual maintenance charge rising year on year?
  • Are you struggling to make the annual maintenance payments?
  • Could you buy a better holiday cheaper elsewhere even possibly including the flights?
  • Has the “Resale” company failed to resell the property whilst the bills still keep mounting up?
  • Have you given up all hope of ever selling your timeshare?
  • Do you wish you had never bought it in the first place?
  • Were you given a “cooling off” period before you gave them any money?

Many people are having difficulties selling their timeshare’s at present or are even unable to meet the annual maintenance fee’s etc because of financial circumstances. You were probably sold a dream…were your sold a timeshare as an investment when actually it could be argued that it’s a liability that can be with you for life!

The UK economy is tough and is set to get even tougher should unemployment, interest rates and repossession’s rise . If interest rates and repossession’s do rise then there will be a glut of properties on the market and house prices will fall sharply and many people will end up in negative equity. So what will happen to your timeshare then?

You probably can’t even sell it now and many people can’t even give them away or sell them on auction websites for as little as £1,00 and to think you paid thousand’s for it!

Do I have a Mis-Sold Timeshare Claim?

We would not be is a position to tell you if you have a mis-sold timeshare claim, until we have audited your agreements..

To establish if you have a claim for a mis sold timeshare we need to look at the original credit agreement. If we perform an audit on your credit agreement and we establish that there are errors within the agreement, then you will have a good case to claim compensation.

Our fist step is to request a copy of the original agreement from the Timeshare Company / Finance House, once we have this we can perform the audit, this may take upto 3 months. Once the audit hase been done we would then be in a possition to inform you of our next step, which would be to either close or continue with your case.

What is The Timeshare Scam?

MissoldTimeshare.co.uk help people who have fallen victim to Timeshare Scams, to claim compensation

MissoldTimeshare.co.uk helps people who have been scammed by fraudulent timeshare sales whilst in the UK or on Holiday. We offer professional representation defending you and your rights as a consumer.

Our company offers free initial consultations to every customer victim of timeshare fraud or scam in the UK or on Holiday. This not only gives you the opportunity to tell us about your situation, but also allows you to get to know about us before you make a decision regarding your claim. People who have hired our services know that the staff at Mis Sold Timeshare will work energetically to protect their rights and interests.

Our extensive experience in canceling timeshare fraud contracts enables us to negotiate from a position of strength and to ensure you that your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

We know that many customers are embarrassed to have been scammed into buying a timeshare, however, we encourage you to act now, no matter how upset or disappointed you fee. The Timeshare Scam is a plague that needs to be eradicated.

We recommend that you act as soon as possible to fight timeshare fraud in order to increase your chances of recovering your money and achieving the cancellation of your timeshare contract. Time is essential, so act now!